Duplicate content or key

Search engine optimization is a very Duplicate content multidimensional entity. Which includes. For example. Ensuring the technical functioning of the site. Using the right keywords in high-quality content production. Outlining purchase paths and internal linking. The reputation of the domain and the acquisition of high-quality external linking. And so on. We have compil the topic […]

Word cannibalization destroy

There is not enough other data to support Word cannibalization development measures. So the development direction of the online store is left to chance. Examining analytics with a comprehensive set of metrics provides a lot of information for planning development measures for the online store. So. In addition to the euros. Focus on getting answers […]

Avoid duplicate content on your sit

Making this happen requires much more than Avoid duplicate well-optimiz websites or the same customer promises that 15 other competing companies offer. On the other end. You may have a problem that you want new customers. The service you offer is great. But you dont know what your dream customer would be like. Whatever the […]

Want to ensure your visibility in search

If your own site is among the top 3 pages. The Want to ensure corresponding answer box may have a negative effect on the ctr percentage of the page that you would primarily like to collect traffic from. 4. Structur data this topic goes a bit in the same direction as the zero point above. […]

Keyword cannibalization can

I know im already repeating myself on this one. – commercial Keyword cannibalization investigation. I.e. Commercial background work differing slightly from purchase intent and information search. Commercial investigation is done when considering buying a product or service in the future. If a person thinks that the washing machine could be renew soon. Either because of […]

Each Life Story We Can Realize

The article ends with a dispassionate balance, which reflects the mood of a thinker familiar with science, deeply knowlgeable about biology, and aware of the cosmic insignificance of the drama of existence as we know it: «All living beings are ephemeral configurations. Each Life Story of the particles of which we are made, soap bubbles, […]

We Thought About the Development of

 The texts present there revolve around diverse topics but always referring to the fruits of research in the scientific field, the relevance of philosophical reflection to illuminate the various aspects of existence, and the levels of fruitful interrelation between these two areas. of intellectual work. He was 74 years old when lung cancer burst into […]

Realization of the Future If

 He did not speak of “man” but of “human.” In that little book that I mention at the beginning of these lines, precisely, it warns the reader that it will use this term to refer to both men and women (Mosterín, 1981). Later, for example, in Human Nature , he would give a reason for […]

Been Expressed as the Great

He also spent time at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology , conducting postdoctoral studies. Throughout his life, he carri out teaching duties, carri out outstanding research work and gave lectures around the world . He taught Logic and Philosophy of Science at the University of Barcelona. In 1996 he was award the Research Chair of […]

Present Existence Has Always

 However, we know well that the stubborn fight for life, even in the face of the most heartbreaking and crushing events that history has record, is a trait that defines our species . Perhaps thinking about it, in view of such an unwant human disaster, but already underway, Welzer tells us, although with a disturbing […]