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 He did not speak of “man” but of “human.” In that little book that I mention at the beginning of these lines, precisely, it warns the reader that it will use this term to refer to both men and women (Mosterín, 1981). Later, for example, in Human Nature , he would give a reason for its use: unlike other languages, such as Greek, Sanskrit, German or Chinese, in our language the noun “man” means being human and also male. Even though the contexts of its use can clearly define the meaning of this word, Mosterín preferr to stay away from any hint of ambiguity and for the sake of an always desirable conceptual precision he propos and us that term.

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Scientific knowlge was an area address with particular interest by the Spanish philosopher . Living science. Reflections on the intellectual adventure of our time , a book publish in 2001, is a clear testimony of his desire to disseminate the results of scientific research hand in hand with an illuminating business email list philosophical approach. The text is divid into three parts dicat, respectively, to philosophy and its relationship with society and science, to biology and the amazing progress achiev in the study of the phenomena of life, and to the new paths that humanity is taking.

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Astronomy, physics and mathematics. The work aims to “(…) understand the intellectual adventure of our time (…) and build passable bridges between science and philosophy, in such a way that they clarify and enrich each other” (mosterín, 2001, p. 14). Philosophy and science is heading in that same direction . Un continuo , a book publish in peru and which brings together Student Mobile List interviews given by mosterín here on the occasion of the two visits he made as a result of his intervention in two academic events, and presents his articles publish mainly in the spanish newspaper el país .

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