For those of you who are selected

Developer Expert according to your initial choice. We will send the Become a Front-End Web Developer Expert class token along with facilitator information on August 29 2020 . Don’t waste this learning opportunity worth millions of rupiah or we could blacklist you from the next scholarship program. For those of you who haven’t been . […]

What it is for and how to use it with real examples

Do you What it want to know what TikTok is ? Would you like to know and know how Tik Tok is used. Therefore, for companies ? If so, this Guide on how Tik Tok works in 2021 for brands and professionals will be useful to you. This social network has not stopped growing over […]

What is Freepik and how it works

If you are What islooking for a free and quality image bank, in this guide you will discover what. Therefore, Freepik is and how it works , how to use Freepik in 2022 and advantages and disadvantages of the Freepik image bank. I assure you that once you read this article, you will want to […]

The 8 best alternatives to Hootsuite to manage social networks

Do you want The 8 best to  Instagram profile with beautiful letters and don’t know how to do it? In this post you will see the best letter converter for Instagram and the best text generators to create impactful posts on social networks in 2021. If you want your texts on social networks to be […]

Also provides recovery control

Chapter requires further study so that it is easy to understand. For ordinary people, the meaning of various programming languages . Hardware and software cannot be understood quickly. Therefore, it takes a good process and learning to become an expert in this field. “Everything seems impossible until it is done” Nelson Mandela Also read the […]

The use of a client server allows users

Access very large databases . Increasing performance, with the  server concept users can improve data access performance in the form of information. The cost of using hardware is small.  not to need to buy a hard drive to store data. Reduce The use of a c  server allows users communication costs between users. Consistent, through […]

Also read the following article

To users throughout the world. email, databases and so on related to browser networks. Client server applications require a web page and IP address from a dedicated server . The client can request information from the server whenever Also read the he wants Certification in the field of Machine Learning is relatively . New in […]

Certification in the field of Machine

 Web   all companies definitely need (his talents -ed)” (Huda Rahman Hakim) August 2020 was a happy month for Huda. He made his debut as IT Operations Support at Lintasarta (a subsidiary of Indosat Ooredoo) for the Medan area. One of his main responsibilities is maintaining database-related web-based applications. From this diligent developer, we can all […]

Become More Relevant Having been

Unemployed for a long time, Huda did a lot of self-reflection. He realized that his value was lacking. When applying for a job, he relies entirely on diplomas and experience alone. Even though these two things are common among thousands Become . More Relevant Having been of other applicants. “It’s natural that my application was […]

Where the landscape of digital

Narenda Wicaksono Editor: Mutiara Arumsari Consistently Make Progress with Atomic Habit – end Check out other self-growth articles from CEO Dicoding below: From Developer to Tech Entrepreneur 4 Important WFH checklist for you Tips for becoming a Developer in the Era of Disruption: Self-Transformation through Certification Disrupt or be disrupted. Life choices in this era. […]