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 However, we know well that the stubborn fight for life, even in the face of the most heartbreaking and crushing events that history has record, is a trait that defines our species . Perhaps thinking about it, in view of such an unwant human disaster, but already underway, Welzer tells us, although with a disturbing trace of irony: “(…) there are books that one writes with the hope of being wrong.” (2010, p. 17).I remember having bought – in fact, it is still part of my small library – at a stall on Grau Avenue, when us booksellers were station on some of its blocks, quite a few years ago, a little book that suddenly caught my attention.

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For its physical appearance (hardcover, unusual format and good condition), but above all for what it offer through its title: great themes of current philosophy . As is usually done in these cases – diving through hundrs of books stack on the floor, shelves and corners – i inquir about their content: the index includ a series of topics that, without a doubt, had been chosen with good judgment and, inde, cover a theme that, without being very broad, present essential points of b2b email list contemporary philosophy . I read the first lines, then i skimm a little more in some of its chapters and was captivat by the clarity of the prose, the concern for conceptual precision (which referr the reader to timely and didactic explanatory notes), and the agility with which they were present.

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In its pages topics that rang between philosophy and some important areas of science. It was a dissemination work, brief but substantial. Its author was call jesús mosterín, and i later learn that he was one of the most respect contemporary spanish philosophers . A diverse thinker, a specialist in mathematical logic, a defender of abortion and euthanasia, a staunch opponent of Student Mobile List bullfighting, and a concentrat scientific disseminator, mosterín was born in bilbao in 1941. He train at the complutense university of madrid and studi mathematical logic at the university from münster, at its institut für mathe matische logik und grundlagenforschung, where he receiv his doctorate.

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