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 The texts present there revolve around diverse topics but always referring to the fruits of research in the scientific field, the relevance of philosophical reflection to illuminate the various aspects of existence, and the levels of fruitful interrelation between these two areas. of intellectual work. He was 74 years old when lung cancer burst into his life. Through an article publish in El País , which with fine sarcasm he titl “A date with the grim reaper”, he shar this very difficult experience with his readers, when he had just recover from the treatment to which he was subject.

We Begin to Be Right

 The treating doctors had manag to remove the tumor, which fortunately had not generat metastasis, and the chemotherapy did the rest: Mosterín could, although cautiously, hope to exce the life expectancy calculat for terminal cases: about six months or so. With the impassion typical of someone who has travel through the twists and turns of biology and has reflect on his discoveries and also on his enigmas, he link mitations on business lead the genetic aspects of longevity, the random appearance of disease, death as a constant threat, and he referr in passing to the circumstances that would have determin the appearance of his disease, a rare type of neoplasia caus mainly by contact with asbestos (also call asbestos), a mineral us in the construction industry, highly polluting and prohibit.

Enough and We Are

Already in many countries. Mosterín remember, as a child, having spent two summer seasons in begoña, very close to a factory that produc insulators with this substance as raw material, and whose doors he and his little friends ran through with childish carelessness as often as they want. Later, as an adult, as a student at mit, and alongside noam chomsky, he had receiv classes in an Student Mobile List almost ruinous environment at that university, whose structure was made with materials that contain the lethal mineral. Some would call it destiny; mosterín, in line with his scientific temper, perhaps simply chance.

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