Each Life Story We Can Realize

 The article ends with a dispassionate balance, which reflects the mood of a thinker familiar with science, deeply knowlgeable about biology, and aware of the cosmic insignificance of the drama of existence as we know it: «All living beings are ephemeral configurations of the particles of which we are made, soap bubbles, fleeting flashes, waves in the immense ocean of reality. (…) The death of the organism is evaluatively neutral; There is nothing good or bad about it. And it is the most natural thing in the world.

Aware That We Exist

After two years of battling with that grim reaper whom he look in the face, Jesús Mosterín could no longer resist and di on October 4th. Like every great thinker, he has left a work that will keep him alive in the memory of those who found in his books, academic interventions and articles written business database in specializ and journalistic mia, virtues that are only found in those who assume an unbribable commitment to research: rigorous argumentation, solid and diverse knowlge, and, above all, the desire to generously disseminate the acquir knowlge.

Perhaps We Are Little

Everything I found in that beautiful little book when I was twenty years old. According to the magazine Crónica Ambiental (2015), the name maker dates back to 2005 with the launch in the Unit States of the magazine Make Magazine by the company O’Reilly Mia, initially aim at hobbyists and inventors of homemade technological devices. A Student Mobile List year after its publication, this company held the first ition of a makers’ fair in California, call Maker Fair, where not only the different works of the makers were shown but also the “fair” format, a space where they also shar knowlge.

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