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 He also spent time at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology , conducting postdoctoral studies. Throughout his life, he carri out teaching duties, carri out outstanding research work and gave lectures around the world . He taught Logic and Philosophy of Science at the University of Barcelona. In 1996 he was award the Research Chair of the Institute of Philosophy of the Higher Council for Scientific Research of Spain, where an entire generation of young researchers receiv his authoritative guidance. His first books dealt with those topics in which he specializ: First-order logic , publish in 1970, Axiomatic set theory , from 1971, and A ductive calculus for second-order logic , which was publish in 1979.

Extent That Something

 But his interest It cover many more areas. From biology and particle physics, to the history of philosophical thought and the theory of science, through the b2b leads defense of animal rights and ethics, Mosterín dealt with a diverse range of topics that he approach with rigor. who never exclud the elegance of expression and didactic commitment , qualities that have turn his books into unavoidable points of reference for anyone who intends to make a serious approach to the panorama of human culture.

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There are, to mention something, the collection Critical History of Thought that he wrote under the auspices of Alianza itorial, initially plann to be publish in eighteen volumes, the Dictionary of Logic and Philosophy of Science , written in tandem with another Student Mobile List renown philosopher, Roberto Torreti, and the introductory texts prepar for the first ition in Spanish of the complete works of Kurt Gödel, an ition that he was in charge of. The neatness with which he undertook the conceptual work can be seen through the use of a term that he coin to refer to the human being.

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