Quora and how to use this social network in your Digital strategies

Internet users are constantly searching for information. Sometimes, they want answers to very specific questions, about specific topics. And Quora has those answers. Beyond Google there are other options and channels to take into account.
Which provide many benefits, both to brands at the level of positioning and branding. And to users (who satisfy their curiosity thanks to the content generated. Today I want to talk to you about Quora, a platform with millions of active users. Where you can give more visibility to your project by answering their questions. We will see what it is what its advantages are and how it can help you in your Digital Marketing. And brand positioning strategy on the Internet.

What is Quora

This social network is not only for users who are curious about something. It can also be very interesting top people data for companies. Which should include it in their content marketing strategy . Here are 5 advantages that this platform brings to your business. Gives you information about your audience Here. You have the opportunity to get to know your followers better. And, thanks to the questions they ask, you can know what their. Concerns are to focus your products and/or services as the best solution for them. If you are defining your buyer persona this network is a good source of information. Drive traffic to your website Users want answers and can become followers. Of your brand if you are able to satisfy their curiosity with a good answer. By being able to add an informative link.

Advantages of Quora for your brand

It’s not about saturating the feed, but make yourself seen periodically . Get your audience to understand the sector your company. Is in It’s important Student Mobile List that users understand what you do and why. Sometimes, showing a potential client your expert knowledge of what you do in. Your company is very likely to turn a visit to your website into a purchase. It is a place to share your knowledge with users and assert your authority so that they choose you. Talk about yourself as a brand In addition to showing your knowledge about what you do. It is good that you also share your mission, vision and brand values. Show your most human side by telling the audience who is behind your company. What a work day is like, what tools you use to organize yourself, etc.

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