What are soft skills and why are they important for companies

What are soft, Soft skills are the personal abilities that a worker has and that help them achieve better professional development. They are the ones that you learn to achieve in your life. And that are related to your personality your behavior. And the way you interact with the people around you. As the person in charge of your own business. Or the Human Resources department of a company, you should never downplay the influence that a person’s personal. And work history as well as the personal experience and experiences of a candidate can have. Therefore, you must take into account the soft skills that he has. Because it is very likely that they directly or indirectly influence. The professional development of his work and the way. He interacts with his work environment.

Example of people with and without soft skills

What are soft, Imagine that you need to incorporate a person into the communication department email leads of your company. You are working in a company where a good climate among workers is a fundamental value. A vital detail to achieve the success of the entire team. You have two different people before you. As candidates for the job: 1º Pedro , who has a resume that. Stands out for his work history. He has three master’s degrees related to communication. And several years of experience in companies similar to yours. After interviewing Pedro you realize that he has good technical knowledge. The interview went very well, but after a couple of strategic questions you detect that he is not. Characterized by good personal organization and you have a hard time connecting with him.

What are the most in-demand soft skills?

 During the interview you connect much better with Blanca. And you realize her ability to learn, her desire to work as a Student Mobile List team and, above all, the enormous capacity she has to. Empathize with people and manage their emotions. Although Pedro is a little better prepared, Blanca will most likely. Be a better contribution to the cohesion of the work team. As a company, and with the help of specific training. You can teach Blanca some skills that Pedro does have. However, you are aware that you cannot help Pedro improve or obtain. The personal skills that Blanca does have more developed. You sense that she can give the best of herself, bringing human quality to your team. Which of these 2 candidates do you choose. On many occasions with a person who can combine knowledge and soft skills simultaneously.

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