Information Architecture and why is it so important for your Web project

Do you know what information architecture is. Have you ever considered whether the way in which you are presenting. The content of your site to your users is the most optimal. And with which you can make it easier for them to find. What they came to look for on your Website. It is likely that this is a term you have never heard or that you may. Think is not too important both to improve the hiring of your services or the purchase of your products. if you have an eCommerce. But as I will show you in this article. Having an optimized information architecture can make them. Quickly find the answer to their search intention or leave your website. Entering the competition’s website and finally converting there.

Another Definition of Information Architecture

And the fact is that nowadays some pages do have a logical architecture. That helps the user at all times to find email contact list what they are looking for on them. Others, however, lack any type of recognizable structure, making them difficult to navigate. Not finding the product we are looking for. Getting lost in the different purchase steps of an eCommerce or not finding. An article that you read last month on a certain blog. Are examples of poor structuring of the contents of a website, with the consequences already mentioned. earlier in the introduction… Ease of location , therefore, is a fundamental factor in ensuring. That the user experience and therefore the usability of the site is optimal. If users can’t find what they’re looking for through. A combination of browsing, searching, and questioning, the site will fail. 

How Do I Apply Optimal Information Architecture to My Project?

Web Architecture Within this factor that we can encompass within the information architecture. Several types Student Mobile List must be distinguished: Vertical Although we currently see few places with this typology. It is important that you know it, since you may still find some. A clear example of this can be the page of a real estate agency. Which usually has a search engine, where you can filter the type of apartment or house you are looking for by province. Then by town, then by district very common in large cities like Madrid or Barcelona. And finally you can search for the type of home you want to find. Within the portal. Horizontal It is quite common to find sites in which the available information. Is organized horizontally. That is, where we have the main page.

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