Your Website pop-up in Lightbox Mode

 It is a very complete tool, although as I mentioned above, it has no results for mobile devices. The results are based on requirements and, in addition, it gives you a very powerful cascading diagram called which elements of the website are loaded the longest. In this way, you can make decisions about specific elements, which is really cool. Ideally, you get a grade, and the performance and structure are not less than. Also don’t forget the main indicators, which you can check in this tool.

Detail of the content such as a button

Plugins help you optimize the loading speed of your website There are latest database a few plugins that help us largely avoid the most influential elements mentioned above. As a result, we will be able to significantly reduce load times. Cache plug-ins Depending on their purpose, there are several types of plug-ins: Cache plug-ins: (Advanced, but highly recommended). Full caching. Super cache. The fastest cache. Code optimization plugin: (Advanced, but highly recommended).

On a landing page you can also change a button

 Automatic optimization. Database Cleanup Plugin: – Optimization. Booster removal. Database cleaner. Suggestions to improve website load speed Now we will see some suggestions that are very useful for you to optimize your Student Mobile List website and get good loading speed: Choosing a good hosting provider The first step you must take to own a website is to sign up for a domain name (name of your website) and host(host it and always publish it).

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