You can create a lot of pop-ups

Learn about the context: A measure of how fast websites load: In mid-year, Google announced that mobile performance and speed will be one of the most important factors in locating content in search results ever since. To measure the optimization of any web page and user experience, Google introduced a measurement system called. A core metric of core web vitality is: First input delay: measuring the time it takes for a user to be able to perform an operation.

Tests on emails and landing pages

 It must be a millisecond at most. Max Content Coatings: Measure new data the load of the largest element at the top of the sheet for a maximum of seconds. Cumulative Layout Offset: Measure the movement of content positions on the screen. It must be less than or equal to . Now, how do we measure whether our website meets these parameters? Continue reading .. Tools to measure website speed In order to measure the speed and user experience of a website, there are a number of tools on the market that can give you a detailed view of the state of the website.

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Another point that most people ignore when designing a web page with a clean and concise theme is choosing a theme or template as a network“ skeleton”. Many people choose multi-purpose templates that do nothing but overload the Student Mobile List network with things that in most cases are not necessary or will not be used. There are a range of very optimized themes that can help you with the task of a lightweight, clean and highly customizable website.

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