Lazada Business Advisor is a tool you can use to get prospect journey data through your funnel.

By considering the Lazada Sales Funnel, you can determine which areas need improvement. Check out our post on Lazada Business Advisor Overview By Split Dragon to study this feature in detail.

Optimizing Your Sales Funnel Using Split Dragon

Consider Split Dragon as your complete toolkit for your Lazada store. It provides you with the following features:

Keyword Research

The problem with your traditional keyword research is that it primarily targets Google searchers. Meanwhile, Split Dragon provides you with a keyword research tool that allows you to zero in on the keywords people are actually searching for in the Lazada catalog. We’ve written the article Keyword Research – How to Find the Best Search Terms for Lazada and Shopee . Check it out to find out more about its benefits and how to use it. AB testing

Split Dragon offers an automated whatsapp mobile number list AB Testing feature for Lazada product titles, images and descriptions. You get email notifications whenever the software gets new data about your AB Test. You can use AB testing to test which product listing content positively affects your visibility in organic search results and your conversion rate.

Search Rating Tracking

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When you do keyword research on Split Dragon, you can also start tracking your search rankings for each of your products.

Tracking your competitors allows you to see your current position in a market niche or category, allows you to react sharply to competitor changes, and compare your performance with others. Monitoring your competitors manually will take a lot of time and effort on your part. But Split Dragon lets Student Mobile List you automate the process. Simply enter your store’s URL or competitor’s product URL and receive email alerts when changes occur to your competitor’s store or product. Learn more in our post Smart Competitors: How To Track Competitor Stores On Lazada And Shopee .

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