What it is for and how to use it with real examples

Do you What it want to know what TikTok is ? Would you like to know and know how Tik Tok is used. Therefore, for companies ? If so, this Guide on how Tik Tok works in 2021 for brands and professionals will be useful to you. This social network has not stopped growing over time and it is clear that it is here to stay. Many brands are aware of this and are already present on the social network, making the most of it. In this guest. Therefore, guide written by Alex Castro you will find information about TikTok so that you have the. Therefore, necessary knowledge and the main doubts resolved before making the leap to this “new” social network. Let’s start at the beginning.

The creator and founder of TikTok is Zhang Yiming What it

Tiktok was created through the merger of two applications: Musical.ly and Bytedance. Musical.ly was. Therefore, born back in 2014 in China (specifically in the city of Shanghai ) with a dynamic similar to the current TikTok. Later, in 2016, the company Bytedance published its application called Douyin, plagiarizing the style of Musical.ly, but with some. Therefore, tweaks and improvements. Just one year later, in 2017, Douyin had great popularity in the world, being able to buy Musical.ly for a whopping amount of one billion dollars. From this merger would emerge the platform that we know today as TikTok. How many users does TikTok have? TikTok has more than 689 million active users each month, according to the We are Social study, becoming the. Therefore, seventh best social network with these records. 51% of the users are male and 49% are female. To give you an idea of the acceptance of this social network.

What is the minimum age to have TikTok

To answer this, let me give you a series of top industry data advantages of TikTok : 1- TikTok is no longer a social network for teenagers ; If you have an adult. Therefore, audience, your user profile is reaching the social network progressively. 2- Your competitors do not take it seriously : Many companies still look the other way when it comes to having a presence on this social network. Get ahead of them and start creating a community and a brand. Therefore, identity on this social network, before it is too late and you have a hard time growing like on other networks. 3- A social. Therefore, network in constant growth , where several quarters have already placed it in the top positions for downloads in the App Store and Google Play.

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