What is an electronic signature?

We could define an electronic signature as. The set of data in .Electronic form, recorded together with others or .Aassociated with them.Which can be used as a means of identifying the signatory. As an example of a simple electronic signature, it could be any .Symmetric encryption .Application based on the exchange of a key between two parties . For example, the personal identification.Numbers that are shared with the bank to make transactions at .ATMs or over the Internet, the key to enter in the email.Qr the password to buy on Amazon.

What is an advanced electronic signature?

The advanced electronic signature is. One that is linked to. The signatory in a unique way and industry email list allows the identification of the same , as well as. Detecting any subsequent. Changes to the signed data. And that has been created by .Means that the signatory can .Maintain under its exclusive control. (Signaturit offers precisely this type of signature, with all the. Necessary .Guarantees and. Respecting the regulations in question) .A clear.Eexample of an advanced .Electronic signature. Would be the digital .Signature based on asymmetric .Cryptography. which consists of the following:

What is a recognized or qualified electronic signature?

The clearest example of a recognized or .Qualified electronic signature is in electronic .DNI  to which a P.IN is associated to be able to sign, requiring a device that reads the Student Mobile List electronic. DNI chip. The recognized signature is the only one that, according to the Law. Has the same value with .Respect to electronic data recorded in electronic .Form as the handwritten .Signature in relation to. Those recorded on paper. Perhaps this represents a .Violation Of the so-called principle of neutrality. Since the recognized or qualified electronic signature. Has not been proven to .Be more secure than the rest of electronic .Signatures from a technical point of view .

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