Version of the Spamguard E-mail Filter

Demonstrating the commitment of Yahoo! By improving the technology and increasing its effectiveness, Spam Guard detected and blocked five times more spam in February 2003 than a year earlier. The “It’s Spam” link, located among users’ options to report spam from their Yahoo! Mail account, launched in August 2002, has played a key role in the improvement of Spam Guard technology, improving the ability of millions of Yahoo! Mail users to identify and filter spam.


The new and improved version of Spam

Spam Guard’s sophisticated filtering technology company data automatically detects and directs spam to separate folders, giving the user the ability and control to review all of their incoming email. Control over all of their mailboxes, and we continue to work to create the best solution available to fight spam. With the launch of the new Spam Guard and other useful tools we believe we have the best solution to fight spam. In addition to Spam Guard, Yahoo! Mail offers other tools for fighting spam, thus further improving spam protection. 


According to Lisa Pollock

The “block html graphics” option protects Student Mobile List users from unwanted images. This tool also protects against web beacons, invisible code tags found within. Emails that notify the spam sender that. The message has been opened and that the email address is “active.” Additionally, the user has the ability to block more. Than 100 addresses and create up to 15 filters to customize spam protection.

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