Three key tips for writing your ad copy

You will also want to write variations on your copy to tailor your ads to different groups. For example. If you sell products aim at children. You may want to run facebook ads aim at two distinct audiences: one for parents and one for grandparents. The language you use and the benefits you focus on in each case vary – and by tailoring your ad copy to these different audiences. You can make sure you’re speaking to what matters most to them. Three key tips for writing your ad copy maybe you’ve sat down to write copy for a bunch of new ads – and your mind is blank.

Even if some of them seem silly.

Here’s how to make it easier: 1: come up with lots of ideas don’t just choose the first idea that comes to mind. Instead. Try to think of different Email List possibilities. Write down as many different ways to approach ad copy that you can think of. Even if some of them seem silly. (sometimes. A not quite right idea can lead you to a perfect idea.) 2: don’t rush some ads may only require ten or twenty words. It might seem like something you should be able to do in a couple of minutes… But don’t underestimate how long it can take to find the right words .

Three examples of advertising

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If possible. Give yourself time to draft your ads. Then put them aside for a day or two so you can come back and look at them again with fresh eyes. 3: find someone else to correct an ad that seems clear to you might confuse someone else – and Student Mobile List typos or grammatical errors you miss might be easy for a colleague to spot. A careless spelling mistake will not give a good impression of your business. And as a result you could miss out on valuable clicks. Three examples of advertising copy in action – and why it works example no. 1: meetgar ad on facebook this ad from meetgar makes great use of emojis for the first three key points.

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