This is necessary when the system

Meanwhile, forks are used to break behavior into parallel activities . For example users can select, add, change , and can also delete. To be able to create an activity diagram, you need several steps that you can try or implement. Here are some things This is necessary when the system to prepare to create an activity diagram: Start with the initial node for the start state or starting point.  Create an action for each main step of the use case . Add the flow ( flow ) from each action to the other actions. The decision is at the final node. Each action only gets one incoming flow and one outgoing flow which then leads to forks, joins, decisions , and merges. Also add branches or decisions if the flow is broken down into a choice condition.

The final step is to end the process

with final notation or end state . Note : creating an activity diagram is usually based on use cases. Whether there are branches or not depends on the system requirements. To be more enthusiastic about learning activity diagrams, you should learn advice from people who have been successful thanks to their persistence in learning and seeking ws data knowledge. “A person who stops learning is an elderly person, even if he is still a teenager. A person who never stops learning will forever be a young man.” (Henry Ford) The conclusion we can draw is, knowing the meaning of an activity diagram , along with its purpose and symbols/components in it. To understand, you have to learn a lot about UML, especially activity.

The more often you practice

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diagrams.  the more enriched your knowledge will be. Don’t forget to look for more related references. These are some brief explanations that I can convey regarding what an activity diagram is ?, its meaning, purpose, and existing components. IUsually used to indicate the initial state, initial action, or activity starting point for each activity diagram . Activity (Activity) Activity is SMS List an activity. That is carried out or is occurring in the system. Usually begins with a   of the activity being carried out. Decision or Branching A branching or decision is a point or point that indicates a condition where there is a possibility of different transitions. you have has several possibilities or alternative paths. Synchronization.

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