There is no finish line in learning

added “Just a serious business, the success rate is 10%. Likewise with learning. It won’t be successful if we start from fun. So we have to be There is no finish line in learning serious about starting anything, including studying. The background is because he wants to solve a problem!” (CEO of Dicoding, Narenda Wicaksono) So Programmers Must Be Ready for the Challenge Becoming a developer is easy. This field requires us to be adaptive to change. The only constant is change. For example, Android technology changes almost every month. We at Dicoding are used to updating teaching materials every month. For us, this is a pleasure. But for those of you who like your comfort zone, this will be a serious challenge. Are you ready? Therefore, programmers must be ready for the challenge.

Problems are steps that make us move

In fact, everyone has problems, but it is our attitude in dealing with those problems that will make the difference.  up the level of life. Tasting bitterness is very important, so that we can taste the pleasure of sweetness. Putting the right mindset will determine whether we will end up at the top of the hill or vice versa. Want to be a developer perched at the top of the hill? Understand that the ws number list world of IT moves very fast. “We must be ready to adjust the learning speedometer so that we can have the same speed in digesting these changes. Technology will definitely automate many things. “But whatever is optimized will definitely require an individual who designs the automation,” he concluded. 4 Tips for Success in Learning Programming.

Consistently Make Progress with Atomic

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