There is also a showcase project

Called Flutter Folio which shows how Flutter can run on six mobile, web and desktop platforms. Watch the application demo and source code There is also a showcase project at the following link: . UML ( Unified Modeling Language ) is a method for visual modeling. UML is usually used as a means of designing object-oriented systems. This time we will discuss one type of UML, namely activity diagrams . We will discuss in more detail the definition, objectives, and even the components contained in it . Come on, look at the following explanation: Understanding Activity Diagrams use cases Example of a Sales Activity Diagram Activity diagram, in Indonesian, activity diagram, is a diagram that can model the processes that occur in a system. The process sequence of a system is depicted vertically. Activity diagrams are a development of Use Cases which.

The flow or activity can be in the form

Have activity flows.  of a series of menus or business processes contained in the system. In the book Software Engineering by Rosa AS, he says, “Activity diagrams do not explain actor behavior. It can be interpreted that when creating activity diagrams it can only be used to describe workflow or system activities.” When is it time to use whatsapp data Activity Diagrams? Activity diagrams must be used parallel ( horizontal ) with other modeling techniques, such as Use Case diagrams and State diagrams . You can use activity diagrams to model the system workflow well. Activity diagrams also function to analyze use case diagrams by describing actors, actions that need to be taken, and when they must occur. This diagram depicts a complex sequential algorithm and modeling with parallel processes.

Purpose of Activity Diagrams

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Next, let’s discuss the purpose of the activity diagram itself. Following are some of the purposes of activity diagrams: Explains the sequence of activities in a process. In the business world, it is usually used for modeling (showing the sequence of business processes). Easy to understand the processes in the system as a whole. It is a structured design method, similar to SMS List Flowcharts and Data Flow Diagrams (DFD). Knowing actor/user activities based on use cases/ diagrams created previously. Activity Diagram Component component activity diagram Draw components or symbols on the activity diagram The following is a complete explanation of the components in the activity diagram above.

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