By Truenorth’s print materials and a great selection of dramatic photographs of nature and movie stars, spiceup with captivating clips from the company’s projects. The design supports the content well with good breathing space and clean lines in the use of fonts. The font is of scalable thickness (variable font) which offers smooth movements when use in digital form. International recognitions We are not the only ones to be happy with the result, because at the end of January the Truenorth site was selecte for publication on Siteinspire , which is one of the most influential sites that designers look to for inspiration and examples of successful implementation.

International recognitions

What makes us most proud of the selection is that we know that. Siteinspire receives an average of over 200 submissions per day, of which. Only Latest Mailing Database ahandful are selecte for publication on the web at any given time. It seems to us (after a bit of sleuthing) that every month Siteinspire gets a few hundre thousand hits, so you never know if this will inspire someone to do something exciting. Another popular site that collects exciting examples of modern and well-executeweb design is Awardand the Truenorth site was just selecte there at the beginning of February. The same goes for Awwwards and Siteinspire, just being selecte from a huge number of submissions is an achievement in itself.

Latest Mailing Database

An exciting project

It adds to the mood that at Awwwards, two types of elections are held when websites are selecte. On the one hand, there is an open election that is open Student Mobile List to everyone, and. On the other hand, a specially selecte jury. At the time of writing, there are a few days left of the voting tempting to try to. Herd votes, it is only the jury and the whether the site will receive an official award. We are crossing our fingers and anxiously waiting to see what happens. With the same intelligence as before, it seems to us that the number of visits to. Awwwards is around or above two million per month. So it would be very nice if we could get beyond the category of nominations.

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