The Icelandic Web Awards Took Place Last

Friday and Hugsmiðjan had 21 nominations for the awards for 15 different web solutions . So there was a lot of tension and, of course, a certain clash when the meeting restrictions were tightened and we had to postpone the party. We quickly forgot that when we celebrated five web awards together at Google Meet and that the Emergency Line’s website was chosen as the project of the year, what a harvest! Hugsmiðinn’s award-winning website Digital solution of the year – A new tool in the fight against violence The emergency line’s website was chosen as the digital solution of the year, as well as receiving the main recognition of the Icelandic web award.

Ambitious customers drive us forward

Project of the year!”. It was a real pleasure to be recognized for this socially important project. The digital solution of the year is a large category that phone number list covers the digital journey of companies and how a digital solution can complement existing systems and thereby improve service to users. This year’s award-winning solution is precisely that, a new emergency response was urgently needed! There is an increased risk of violence in times of trauma, such as in the corona virus epidemic. With the new website, different response resources. Have been combined in one place, and users can contact emergency responders via online chat.

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Content and news provider of the year  for BSRB

From the beginning, the goal was defined that the solution would be. Inclusive, that is, that it would meet the needs of different groups. A Student Mobile List user-centered approach was therefore a guiding light. In all interface design and programming – but no less in visual language and text usage. We would like to thank Neyðarlínna, Mennská rajdav, Samsýn and Berglindi Ósk for their cooperation. The digital solution of the year is definitely needed and the upgrade was very successful. The look is neat and simple, the message clear and the content professionally done.

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