Certification in the field of Machine

 Web   all companies definitely need (his talents -ed)” (Huda Rahman Hakim) August 2020 was a happy month for Huda. He made his debut as IT Operations Support at Lintasarta (a subsidiary of Indosat Ooredoo) for the Medan area. One of his main responsibilities is maintaining database-related web-based applications. From this diligent developer, we can all learn together. Huda’s self-transformation efforts to stay ahead through certification have resulted in more than just a cool portfolio. His seriousness in studying has made him a strong figure in the era of disruption. Giving him the tools to stay ahead and anticipate change. As developers, we absolutely must develop the mindset that disruption absolutely must be faced, not avoided. Remember.

Closing the conversation that afternoon

Choose to disrupt or be disrupted?, Huda said: “In this (disruption) era, working in a big company or having a high title is not a benchmark that our professional value is high. The most important thing is self-transformation. Have you mastered any new skills? Have you proven it through any innovations? I’m still at basic whatsapp data level, but that’s okay. At least I’ve started trying at coding. You too!” Tips for becoming a Developer in the Era of Disruption: Self-Transformation through End-Certification Let’s look at the stories of other Dicoding graduates. They also struggle to remain relevant as developers in an era of disruption: Developers Who Change the Stigma of Vocational School Graduates.

We often hear the term client server

 Ready to Welcome Industry 4.0 Web Developer from Zero to Hero: Life is Difficult, Becomes a Whip to Move Forward. Don’t waste time In the concept of software networking, in various readings and information in the form of news. In this article, you will read various basic explanations Student Mobile List related to client server functions in web networks. Understanding Basically, a client server is a software architecture concept or software that connects two objects in the form of a client system and a server system that communicate with each other via a computer network or the same computer. The server will provide application management, data and client data security .Client ServerIn the web access exchange function.

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