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That’s what makes the Guess the Picture game a game that is popular with many people. In terms of gameplay , this game is quite simple. You are required to guess a piece of image that is arranged in such a way to discover a new vocabulary word. This game actually requires content for level updates that you will enjoy. However, if the level has been downloaded, you can enjoy this game offline. The following are the details taken on February 3, 2021: Ratings : 4.2 Size: 13 MB Installed: 10,000,000+ Developer : ” The following are 4 principles that Mas Naren has applied in managing Dicoding teams and participants over the last 6 years: Whatever technology it is, you can definitely learn it There is nothing.

Technology is always changing

instant in learning. It requires process and sacrifice  because #2. Citampi Stories Citampies This  is a simulation type RPG You might be reminded of the  Harvest Moon . Did you know that Indonesia also has a similar  called Citampi Stories . This   made by Ikan Asin Production, has been downloaded whatsapp database more than 1,000,000 times by Android users. This  presents a   that seems like real life. Citampi Stories can be played offline . According to Mimin, the   is quite fun because it uses Indonesian and is of course easy to understand. Talking about graphics, this   uses a pixelate style . What is a buriq ? Of course not, this   is actually very suitable when combined with a pixelated style . Citampi Stories is actually more

The following are the details taken

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Eespecially for potato spec cellphone users. Come try it right now here . on February 3, 2021: Rating: 4.6 Size: 109 MB Installed: 1,000,000+ Developer : #3. Rapstronaut: Space Journey Rapstronaut: Space Journey Rapstronaut is an Android game with a combination of the adventure and endless runner SMS List genres . This game from Touchten Games and Famous ID is very fun to play. It turns out, oh, it turns out that this game also attracts and collaborates with famous YouTubers , such as Reza Arap Oktovian . Who doesn’t know this YouTuber? Of course you know. In this game there is a main character in the game named Rap, a character inspired by Reza “Arap” Oktovian himself. This game can be played offline and is very fun to play. Why? Because you will be presented with a space-themed storyline.

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