Are you one of those who like to rest and relax, also when you travel abroad? Would you like to live a unique experience that would allow you to discover the essence of Japan? If your answer to these two questions is yes, staying in a ryokan may be the best option for you.

What is a ryokan ? It is difficult to define and easy to understand and enjoy. A ryokan is a traditional accommodation, a Japanese house designed to welcome its “guests”.

They are usually small establishments sometimes run for years by

Different generations of the same family.

It is Also Common for Them to Be Close to the Database Onsen. The Spas That Arise Around the Springs and Pools. Of Natural Waters With Therapeutic. Properties and Whose Siempreyokan. Design and Decoration is in Perfect Harmony With the Simple Beauty of Nature.

Many People Living in Japan’s Big Cities. Choose Ryokans to “unplug” and Leave Behind the Constant. Hustle and Bustle of Urban Life. Keep in Mind That These Establishments. Are Very Different From a Western-style Hotel, So Pay Attention to the Following. Tips Before Choosing Your Ryokan .

Types of Ryokan you can find Each ryokan is different but most share common


especially if we talk about the traditional Student Mobile List ones (the less westernized ones). Its decoration will catch your attention, very sober and minimalist compared to a hotel. Instead of rugs or carpets, you will see that the floors are covered by scented mats with pleasant fragrances or by the traditional tatami.

In addition, the only furniture you will find is limited to a low table with legless chairs (“pouf” type) called zaisu. Instead of a bed, you can sleep on the typical Japanese futon , in which you will not see the usual sheets and bedspreads in Europe and America, but which is really comfortable to sleep on thick mats. Each night, you should unroll and spread it out before enjoying your dinner.

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