This is basically a Lazada search related feature that recommends products to you based on your customer profile data, previous browsing history, and other products that are selling well. An example is below in the Lazada recommendation widget “People Who Viewed This Item Also Viewed”:

This is a campaign option that allows you to select the products that you want to recommend to customers. Learn more about Seller Picks in the Lazada Seller Center: The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide . Sellers should always optimize for Seller Picks and participate when they get an opportunity due to free visibility.

Sponsored search
Lazada has a sponsored search function now that allows you to bid on keywords to appear in search results and other placements on the Lazada website. It is very similar to PPC search ads on Google and Amazon and Shopee MyAds.

Organic Search

This relates to your organic search Latest Mailing Database ranking in Lazada search results. You can improve your organic search by optimizing your product listings for SEO.

This is a campaign managed by Lazada which you are free to participate in (if you are invited and meet the campaign criteria). The banner is placed on the most visible page of the website. When a customer clicks on the banner, he will be redirected to the products listed in that campaign (including yours). The campaign also uses a campaign-specific recommendation widget. Campaigns are a very important part of eCommerce marketplaces in Southeast Asia. 11/11, 12/12, 6/18, Ramadan Campaign, Chinese New Year campaign are examples. But there are also specific brand categories and campaigns too.

Collaborative Ads

Latest Mailing Database

Collaborative ads, in short, are basically just Facebook ads. Your Facebook ad is shown to the people who are most likely to make a purchase. Once someone clicks on your ad, they will be redirected to your Lazada online store. Collaborative advertising lets you market your brand outside of Lazada even if you don’t have your own eCommerce website and view campaign data within the Lazada Marketing Solutions portal.

Sponsored affiliates
Sponsored affiliates are programs that allow you to choose the products you want to post for affiliate marketing. The Lazada affiliate network will accept your offer and then your product will receive marketing and visibility from the affiliate website. You pay affiliates a commission every time they sell one of your products.

2. Flowers
Now that you’ve got a prospect’s attention, don’t Student Mobile List let him run away with advancing interest in your brand or PDP. Continue to capture the interest of buyers by making effective use of below features and functionalities.

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