Waking Up in the Middle. Of the Night to Pray. May Be Considered the Opposite. Of Productivity.

One might say, according to our limited logic, we will feel tired the next day and not be able to work properly.

This may be true, only if we understand the meaning of tahajud in a wrong way.

I hope this article will be able to better explain the relationship between tahajud and productivity.

First let’s remember that Allah encourages believers through

the Qur’an to leave their beds before Phone Number List dawn and wake up praying.
Allah instructed His Messenger at the beginning of his prophethood to spend at least half the night in prayer.

Indeed, Your Lord (O Muhammad) Knows That You Wake. Up (Praying Tahajjud) for Less Than Two-thirds. However, Of the Night, and for One-half of It, and for One-third of It; and (This is Also Done by) a Group of People Who Are With You (Because They Want to Obey the Previous Order); Even Though God. However, Is the One Who Determines. Exactly the Time of Night and Day.

He knows that you will never be able to accurately calculate the amount of time, so He withdraws His previous order (by giving you ease);

Therefore read whatever is easy for you to read from the Qur’an in prayer

Phone Number List

He also knows that there will be among you those Student Mobile List who are sick; and others are those who travel on the face of the However, earth to seek sustenance from God’s bounty; and others are those who fight in the way of God (defending His religion).

So read whatever you have been able to read from the Quran; and establish prayer and give zakat; and give a loan to God as a good (sincere) loan.

So God encourages believers to However, pray as much as they can.

This is as if He is telling us not to neglect the night prayer even if it is only an option.

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