Product Industry Decision Makers Unveiled

And on the other hand, the Product Industry long tail (how to know if I am on Dicom) addresses the main search intention of the person searching for “Dicom” and therefore it is also the combination of words, with an action verb, that has the most traffic . Something that can be deduced through simple keyword research and reading a little of the SERPS that Google suggests. Good. Once both keywords have been identified, I am going to use the Bright local tool to geolocate. Current SEO status of my niche It is a simple website and this is the best of all, with very few URLs it is already generating me money.

Let's briefly read what Product Industry these SERPS are telling us

Google search engine in Chile and thus top industry data obtain clean results, identical to the SERPS of Google Chile. What the SERPS return to me is this: Google Chile SERPS, for the main long-tail keyword (the call to click that potentially makes money with Adsense) Let’s briefly read what these SERPS are telling us: The government appears in the first positions, a classic, but when you enter you see that its results do not respond well to the search intention – first check in green  Afterwards, we see that what appears are digital newspapers, great because they can be surpassed.

Could enter the highest results on Google and thereby be able to monetize

They are not websites focused on Student Mobile List the keyword. They talk a little about everything. Second check in green. Example of the latter. Generalist news website, in the top positions of Google Good. These inputs give me a clue that. I could enter the highest results on. Google and thereby be able to monetize. Monetize properly, because. If we analyze the keyword (at least the two main ones) we see that they have an interesting. Volume of traffic ( Dicom 43,000 per month according to Ahrefs, and. How to know if I am on Dicom 12,000 and, furthermore, this is Call To Click = gives pasta). 

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