You guide the reader to similar posts naturally

The purpose of the sidebar is not to be a cluttered collection of irrelevant things.  from one place to another. It is a place where you should collect exactly the things that you want to bring to the reader’s attention – while appreciating the reader. By clarifying the layout of your blog, you will make readers enjoy your blog longer. It is easier for the reader to find everything relevant and important when you have removed a few distracting elements from the sidebar, such as 1. Keep long tag/category/keyword lists The purpose of tags is to make it easier to find suitable blog posts. The only problem is that we often add a large number of tags to posts, which we may not use many times in the future. Then a phenomenon arises where only one or two blog posts can be found for one tag.

Its purpose is to guide the reader naturally

When a reader clicks, for example, on the tag “puppy training”, at worst he will only get one single post. If the topic  would have interested the reader more, he will no special data longer feel the need to stay longer because there are no more posts. The more tags you add to a single blog post, the harder it is for Google to rank the posts high in search results. That is, the more tags you have, the lower your visibility in Google’s search results. (This matter requires more going through, so I will address this in a blog post published on Sunday ) Categories, on the other hand, are larger entities, under which subcategories can be made. For example, my own blog has a category “Blog technology”, which I have divided into 2 subcategories Blog traffic Writing a blog Well, even our own categories are still taking shape  and categories.

Many bloggers may confuse tags

 Whichever you use, remember this: The more options you give the reader to search for posts, the less they will be interested. This actually brings us to why I strongly Student Mobile List recommend defining the blog precisely. In this case, you focus on writing within a limited topic. You can blog from 4 to 6 categories that you actively write about. In this way, you will get more committed readers who will enjoy your blog for a long time to the end More on the topic: 5 tips on how to find a topic for your blog Option for tag, category or keyword lists in the sidebar: If there are either two or three lists in the sidebar, reduce the number to one. That is, just choose the option that is the most useful for the reader. Reduce the number of tags, categories and keywords in the future. If you find that there are 35 tags or keywords, aim to reduce them to 15 or less.

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