Digital Marketing and Social Media – Free Online Course. After many months of work, you can now sign up for the new free online course. Therefore, a course where you can train for an entire year and with the help of the 46 great professionals. SEO, Social Media, Blogging, Personal Brand, Monetization and other areas. The course begins the first week of May 2016. Therefore, so don’t miss this opportunity to take a course for 365 days and totally free.

Digital Marketing and Social Media Course

The Digital Marketing and Social Media Course is aimed at people. Social Media – Free Online Course. who are currently unemployed. Therefore, with the aim of training them in one of the most in-demand areas in the world of work. This course was born as a personal project. Therefore, an idea that I largely owe to the wonderful wife I have. In addition, and that thanks to the help of the Mar a Mar non-profit Foundation. In addition, has become a project social job function email list training where Marketing and Web collaborate. 

Online Course Program

The areas in which the course will be developed are; Digital Marketing, Social Media, Promotion and Advertising and the World of Work. The Digital Marketing and Social Media Course is provided with a strong psychological component. Students will be trained on how to improve their resume and how we should prepare for a job interview. In addition, as well as coaching Student Mobile List techniques that can be very useful in their professional future. It will have great experts and professionals with extensive university and/or business experience. Those students who have successfully completed all the exercises and tasks. As well as the end-of-course project, will receive the course certification.

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