Omnicom PR Group and Movisports launch their audiovisual content

OmnicomPRGroup presents its brand OmnicomPR Brand Solutions , with the aim of offering a service for the creation and production of innovative and differentiating audiovisual content to its clients and other potential stakeholders. Therefore, omnicomPR Brand Solutions was born after the alliance of two communication expert companies: OmnicomPRGroup and the audiovisual production and consulting company Movisports Comunicación. The goal is to offer quality content, under different branded content formats, from the company’s own authenticity, around its values ​​and with the idea of ​​positively impacting society. Therefore, solutions will have a hybrid team of professionals made up of consultants, creatives, and experts in audiovisual production and dissemination; and will work from an experience and brand value perspective. 

OmnicomPR Brand Solutions

According to Higinio Martínez, CEO of OmnicomPRGroup: «Our business vision is to help clients and other stakeholders take a leap in quality in top industry data the creation and activation of their audiovisual content, and to create personalized experience actions from the authenticity of the brands. We understand this qualitative leap in content from authenticity, pivoting around the brands’ own values integrated into their business strategy. And it is in the true authenticity of a brand where OmnicomPRGroup positions itself with this new presentation of service to the market. For Higinio Martínez it means that “we are not only our clients’ allies in advising them on how to position themselves and what they do in their daily lives, now we can help them tell their story better and ensure that what the client says about themselves is perceived as such in the society”.

Analysis creativity emotional connection 

With this new service, OmnicomPRGroup once again places the client at the center of its priority, with full capacity to analyze, create, develop and Student Mobile List implement strategic communication that results in its benefit and authenticity. According to Belén Monroy, co-director of OmnicomPR Brand Solutions : «As communication advisors, we know in depth the purpose of our clients, their values, their objectives. And it is that understanding that allows us to move forward and look forward to generate a unique brand story that connects emotionally from honesty. From key territories of interest to society that may be related to sports, the gaming environment, etc. It is in that “daring” to touch the threads from above where we want to contemplate from another perspective.

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