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I always use these two (although there are others in my bedroom): Page Speed Insight Google’s native tools are a scourge for web designers who may be too obsessed with their own results. While it is important to follow the advice on all aspects to follow its best practices, the extreme practice of always wanting to score is not good, because not all our efforts should be focused on loading speed, but also on.

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 One problem compared to the next tool that I’m going to show you is that it doesn’t allow you to choose new database the country where the analysis will be performed. Instead, it is the only tool that provides you with both mobile and desktop results. The ideal score is between mobile and desktop; with this, you can sing yourself a song with results page speed insights that almost all web designers use to measure their performance.

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At this point, many people make the mistake of hiring cheap hosts to “DU”, without realizing that by hiring poor Student Mobile List quality hosts or some too basic options, nothing they might do on your site later on might be worth anything. Okay, you already carry a burden of immobility. I highly recommend hiring one of the best hosts to avoid being surprised. Many of them offer really good deals at certain times of the year, and you can take advantage of the opportunities to get started without investing too much.

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