No matter how great content you write (and I know you do), readers will only forgive the look of your blog up to a certain point. We both know that a high-quality appearance communicates competence and professionalism, credibility and reliability.  asking readers to buy the products you recommend. If you choose €100.00 now, I have great news for you! In this post, I will tell you how to set up a blog and how to start blogging correctly. Background work Before we can start a blog, we need to do a little background work. It is important to know what you want to write about in order to start a blog in the right way. That’s why I’ve collected a few useful posts for you here, which I hope you’ll read at the very beginning.

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5 tips on how to find a topic for your blog Can an unsexy blog topic be successful? Now that you know why it’s important to narrow down your blog topic, I recommend you read this post where new data I share 10 areas of blogging. With the help of this post, you will get a complete idea about blog and blogging. This is how you start a blog for less than €100 Setting up a blog Then there is nothing else for us, but the actual establishment of the blog, the detailed and step-by-step instructions of which you can find here: 3 easy steps to start blogging What is written in the blog? The posts below will help you get your blog up and running the right way. 8 tips on how to overcome the fear of the first post 8 tips to help you sort through the pile of white paper Appearance  account in the appearance of the blog: Remove these 5 things from your sidebar immediately This is how you keep the reader on your blog even if you get a 404 page Smooth flow between posts This will help you direct the reader to the right place if you want to talk about an individual thing in another post.

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 Here’s how to add an anchor link to a blog post in 8 steps Start blogging as planned To get the right rhythm  and routine for blogging, take advantage of the free post plan that you can Student Mobile List find here: This is how you write 3 blog posts in one day Health above all Remember to take good care of yourself! #you are important to me This is how you take care of your neck and shoulder area when you work on the computer Survival kit for the beginner blogger Get more readers to your great blog When you need more readers for your blog, read through these posts: Instantly increase blog post shares by 530.43% Case Study Instant exit percentage – This is how you turn a random visitor into a committed reader The Real Reason Why 95% of Blogs Don’t Get Readers (And 6 Things You Can Do to Fix It in 5 Minutes) 9 things that indirectly affect your blog’s search engine visibility A pinch of marketing Don’t forget the marketing of the blog! The more professional blogging is, the more important it is to know e.g.

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