More Than Half of Spam Comes From the Us

The United States is the country from which 58.4% of the spam received More Than worldwide originates, according to the computer security company MessageLabs. Therefore, Other countries such as China, Great Britain and Brazil are also responsible for the fact that every morning we are forced to “clean” our mailbox, although more than 6% of the world’s spam comes from none of these countries. Spain, for its part, only generates 1.3% of emails without permission. Regardless of the place of origin, Messagelabs reveals that in March 2003 more than a third of the total volume of emails worldwide were spam. The ease of scanning (61%), and the speed of downloading (54%).


Half of company emails are internal

Contrary to the commonly accepted belief executive email list that spam. Occupies most of the electronic mailboxes in the business environment, the consulting firm. Osterman Research carried out a study in the. US in which it states that half of the emails. Therefore, Received come from colleagues of work. Internal emails have contributed to 38% of US companies increasing. For almost 80% of companies, e-mail has become an effective means of sending communications. Orders or writings to other departments or teammates. Safety against possible viruses follows, with 68%; the ease of saving them for future use.


The us takes one more step against spam

The United States has proposed to the Senate the Student Mobile List creation. A federal law against sending unwanted More Than online advertising. However, some regulation of this type already exists in twenty-seven States. The legislative draft would require a return address with. Therefore, A reliable contact address to be included in commercial emails. Something that many companies have so far ignored. In addition, it allows the. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to take legal action against spammers. Large portals such as Yahoo , AOL and MSN support these initiatives against spam emails. 

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