Marketing mix How to integrate influencers

Your product is ready, your positioning has been worked on and your target audience has been fully identified. Customers must be won over, and if possible quickly, because any product must be profitable so as not to endanger the financial health of the company. One of the pillars that should not be forgotten in your marketing mix Communication. In the Internet age, everything is available with just a click, even if it is sent from the other side of the world. Therefore, it is essential and indispensable to make your product, your service or your company known to your target audience. What better way to do it than through the Internet, social networks and influencers.

The power of influencers

The use of social networks in Spain is no longer questioned. In 2022 in Spain, influence marketing is THE acquisition lever that should be category email list favored. According to Mediametrie, 1 in 4 Internet users follow at least one influencer. More present on social networks than the average Internet user. the public that follows influencers consults their profiles several times a day if necessary. since 79.9% of them activate notifications , compared to 51.8% of all Internet users. This audience, also known as followers is very active. They exchange opinions on products. Consult a lot of information about launches, for example. 

A wide audience at low cost

Their audience is a loyal and consolidated community, very close to the influencer, since they can interact more easily, respond to Student Mobile List messages privately, etc. Their engagement rate is higher than that of larger influencers, since on Instagram, for example. It is estimated that a nano influencer can have an engagement rate greater than 10%. While influencers with a very large community are around 10%. 2%. To communicate widely as part of your marketing plan, this is a wise choice. Additionally, most nano-influencers will gladly agree to try your product or service for free in exchange for a post, and without remuneration.

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