These videos may or may not have a script to follow. But they should be organiz so that the person or people in the video hit all the relevant points while recording. These videos are excellent for increasing engagement between you and your audience. Screencast explainer videos: apps and websites sometimes use a screencast explainer video to show customers Make sure it’s how to use various features or how to get the most out of the application. These videos record someone using a mobile device or computer to highlight different features of an app or website from the user’s perspective.

Include a clear call-to-action

How to make a successful explainer video two women recording an explainer video with a laptop photo by ekaterina bolovtsova from pexels follow these tips as you dive into creating explainer videos. Write a script (but follow it freely) scripts are often necessary to create almost any form of video ad to ensure you hit all the talking points and convey the story you want to tell. Write a script that incorporates a quick explanation of the product and the problem it solves. Include a clear call-to-action (cta). And speak directly to the consumer.

Familiarize yourself with it

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That said. You’ll want to follow your script loosely. Reading directly from it will sound inauthentic. Instead. Take time to read the Student Mobile List script. Familiarize yourself with it. And practice letting your personality shine through. Find quality audio most explainer videos use a mix of live speech or voiceover and music. You might also have some sound effects. Depending on the product. Whatever audio you use. Make sure it’s quality audio that your audience can hear and understand clearly. It’s best to have unique music for your video if possible.

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