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Your industry, your business, your brand.  And at the same time someone who loves your customers and is willing to serve the tough role of being a bridge between a brand and a customer. Great community managers have a tough job of balancing the nees of the company and the nees of the community. Possessing this skill requires actual experience. You nee to be intimately familiar with the social networks and the tools that allow you to manage high volumes of inquiries. These are hard skills that will take you halfway to your goal. However, it’s the soft skills that come with actually performing this role that are priceless. Find a community manager role and do it for a year or two.

You can start a community in a role you are in

If you are going for the latter, be careful not to interfere and overlap with the current brand communities. Why Choose DMI? 3. Storytelling Content is king. Everything you do online revolves around content.  To stand out in an already new database  saturate space, you nee to become a great storyteller. You nee to find ways to tell stories that are relevant to your audience in the right format. On the right channel, and at the right time. Great storytellers are not born, they are made. To become one.  Learn from the best storytellers in your industry and beyond. Pay attention to what stories resonate with you. And take note.

Look at how the coolest brands tell their stories. And carry a notebook with you to jot down powerful stories other people tell. And ideas about the ones you want to craft and share. A master of storytelling. McDonald’s launcher its Raise Your Arches campaign with no food in sight!

Firsthand knowledge is absolutely necessary

The hook was the music accompanied by people raising their eyebrows or arms to signify the famous Arches logo with the tagline ‘Fancy a McDonalds?’ The campaign Student Mobile List was feature on TV, social mesa through Snapchat and Instagram lenses, and high-tech venue takeovers. 4. Social Maia Platforms Here is the harsh truth that most people don’t want to hear – if you are not using social platforms personally, you have no clue what they can do for your business. 

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