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About the impending global threat due to vulnerabilities in computer systems that were discovered on Thursday, Hugsmiðjan would like to convey the following information. Work has been done on the analysis of the vulnerability in Hugsmiðin’s environment and our technical team has been working hard all weekend to minimize the possible impact and at the same time work on a solution to completely close this security vulnerability and thereby prevent possible damage to the hosted websites and run by Hugsmiðinn.

For those websites

The result after the weekend’s work is that we have reviewed the Log4j vulnerability, implemented a response plan and worked on a solution that is whatsapp mobile number list ready. Eplica uses a Log4j version that is open to this vulnerability and that needs to be v updated. All Eplica sites in Hugsmiðin’s hosting environment have already received an update. That update went out yesterday, Sunday, December 12th. For those websites that have their own customer hosting, this update can be done with our help or on your own. Please contact Hugsmiðinn’s service desk for more information or to request help with the update. The update should not affect general functionality on Eplica sites, but it cannot be ruled out that some customers will be aware of some changed functionality.

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A new Apache Log4j

Then it would be because an activity is being blocked that could entail a possible risk. Please contact us if you notice something like this. Hügsmiðin will Student Mobile List inform about the situation as appropriate here on our website. Updated – December 22: A new Apache Log4j denial of service vulnerability CVE-2021-45105 with a. CVSS score of 7.5 was discovered and the Apache organization has released log4j version 2.17.0 for Java 8 . In order for this security flaw to be used, an item in the log4j . Configuration file called PatternLayout needs to be in. A specific non-default format that is not applicable to our customer’s web solutions. The pattern is nowhere to be found in the Eplica web hosting system.

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