Hotmail Collaborates in the Elimination of Spam

The well-known webmail service Hotmail has reduced to. One hundred the number of Hotmail Collaborates emails that can be sent each day from its page. With the intention of helping to eliminate the sending of spam or junk mail. This limitation only affects users of its free service. While there will be no restrictions for paying MSN customers. Their collaboration in the fight against spam has also led them to take. Legal action and create a blocking list for those they identify as spammers.


Hotmail Collaborates Yahoo mail! Presents a new version

Press release: Yahoo! Inc. Announces the launch executive data of a strengthened version of Spam Guard. A new and more powerful technology for filtering spam (spam) and yet to be patented. Mail users The new beefed-up version of Spam. Guard significantly reduces the amount of spam arriving in users’ mailboxes. Demonstrating the commitment of Yahoo! By improving the technology and increasing its effectiveness.


Hotmail Collaborates Spam Guard detected and blocked

Five times more spam in February 2003 than Student Mobile List a year earlier. The “It’s Spam” link, located among users’ options to report spam from their Yahoo! Mail account, launched in August 2002, has played a key role in the improvement of Spam Guard technology, improving the ability of millions of Yahoo! Mail users to identify and filter spam. Spam Guard’s sophisticated filtering technology automatically detects and directs spam to separate folders, giving the user the ability and control to review all of their incoming email.

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