Despite the complexity of inventory management, it is still a critical component in cultivating the best customer experience. An alternative solution to managing warehousing and on-site order fulfillment is to send your products to a fulfillment center such as Fulfillment by Lazada (FBL). This basically means outsourcing manpower and order fulfillment services to Lazada so you can focus on other areas of your business. 

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What is Fulfillment By Lazada / FBL?

Fulfillment by Lazada is Lazada’s supply chain management offering to online sellers. This basically means letting Lazada be your online fulfillment manager. By doing so, you will be able to focus database more on marketing and sales. 

In turning your online fulfillment into action, Lazada e-logistics consists of the following:

What You Can Expect From FBL

Now let’s see what FBL as a whole can offer. In terms of warehouse operations, Lazada logistics provides you with the following services:

Storage Capability


FBL offers three types of storage space namely: fenced zone, cold room and large warehouse. 

The fenced zone is where all high value items are. This is a secure area that only authorized staff can access. Meanwhile, items Student Mobile List that need to stay below 25 degrees Celsius will be stored in a cold room. Large items have different requirements and will be stored in large warehouses. 

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