Flutter was still in beta status

web applications is also one of the largest. This allows developers to develop applications with a larger target user than before and most  r was still in beta status importantly only requires one codebase. The stable version offers increased performance with a new rendering engine, namely CanvasKit, which is built with WebAssembly. This rendering engine is an option other than the existing HTML. You can check an example of implementing a website using  r at the following link: https: plasma.dev/ https://code.irobot.com/ 2. macOS, Windows, & Linux Now Stable* *under early release flag Interestingly,   applications can not only be used on mobile and web platforms, but can also be used on desktop platforms. With the latest release we can build  applications into files that can be executed by an operating system.

Flutter is also working with

For example .dmg (macOS), .exe (Windows), and .tar.gz (Linux). Apart from that, Canonical’s Ubuntu to make Linux a first-class platform   was still in beta status for . This allows Flutter developers to create and publish applications for millions of Linux users. Now the   SDK is also available in snap (app store for Linux) so installing   for Linux is even easier. In the future, Flutter will be the default choice for desktop whatsapp database and mobile applications created by Canonical. Ubuntu installer built using Flutter. 3. Microsoft Support for Foldable Devices In an increasingly sophisticated and digital era, the trend of mobile phones is increasingly challenging for a developer. One of them is a foldable phone . But don’t worry, Microsoft has collaborated with Flutter to provide support for developers who want to develop applications on devices with dual screens (foldable screens).

The API for foldable support

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Is available and you can read in more detail on the following blog:  blogs.microsoft.co urface-du Flutter-dual-screen-foldabl . This API is open source so we can provide feedback and contribute by providing pull requests (PR).  on Embedded System Not only were the 6 platforms (Android, iOS, Web, Windows, macOS, & Linux) discussed previously, at this event Flutter also announced plans to bring Flutter to Student Mobile List embedded systems . In its latest version,   adds not just one but 4 platforms that can run Flutter (Web, Windows, MacOS, and also Linux). 1. Flutter Web Now Stable In the previous version or 1.0, . Now Flutter 2 has finally released  for Web and has been declared stable (suitable for use in production environments.

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