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Objectives, Components – the work of Rendi Juliarto , Intern Junior Content Writer at Dicoding Tips for Success in Learning Programming: Notes from CEO Dicoding Want to be successful in learning programming. Because with the right mindset, your First improve the mindset you have learning will be more effective. Like what? The following are tips from the CEO of Dicoding, Narenda Wicaksono. In encouraging the progress of the team and Dicoding’s 370 thousand members, there are 4 principles that always guide us. Let’s look at the story. Establishing Dicoding as a Place to Learn Programming Initially, Mas Naren – as he is called – had 8 years of career experience at Microsoft and Nokia. During that time, he also realized that there was one main problem in the digital ecosystem in Indonesia, namely the lack of talent. Apart from that, Indonesia also needs a platform that can transfer digital knowledge on a massive scale.

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the background for the birth of Dicoding. Dicoding was officially established in January 2015. But before that, the company’s operations had actually been running 6 months earlier. Initially, this developer hub was only managed by three people, including Mas Naren. Furthermore, are you curious about who was the inspiration behind the presence ws database of Dicoding? For a long time, Mas Naren’s role model was Bill Gates. Learning from him, in raising Dicoding, Mas Naren was motivated by the urge to provide maximum impact. Becoming a digital entrepreneur is one way to achieve this. Built from a dream to make an impact, Dicoding is now present as an Indonesian educational company in the technology sector. Dicoding has reached 370 thousand Dicoding members spread across.

Mas Naren’s 6 years of raising

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Learn Programming Learn Programming with the Right 4 Principles What is the best thing about Dicoding? One of them, succeedeThis figure, whose hobby is reading and listening to books, continuedd in finding many pearls of talent. These are developers from remote cities, vocational SMS List school graduates, and friends with weak economies. Then by learning programming, they succeeded in changing their fate for the better. Check out some of these stories. There are high school graduates with Machine Learning skills who are trusted by the East Java Provincial Government to help overcome Covid-19. There are also successful programmers who have changed their minds . Even island children who have careers in well-known companies abroad .

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