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Facebook’s attitude towards bloggers: Bloggers blatantly violate Facebook’s rules Start making money with a blog Is your goal to make money with a blog? Then these posts are essential to read! Blog to produce – This is how you make money blogging 7 strategies to make money blogging How effective is your current affiliate marketing strategy? Are you making these common mistakes in affiliate marketing? Read the operating instructions on how to fix them immediately , I have to say that while blogging is a lot of fun, it’s not always easy.

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That’s why it’s worth knowing in advance what kind of challenges you might face: 24 Blogging Mistakes I Didn’t Want to Learn the Hard Way 15 Reasons latest database Why Your Blog Will Never Succeed Great! My content was stolen! Impostor syndrome – 20 tips to get rid of it Great! Congratulations! You have received a concise and informative package on blogging and I really hope you will message me when your blog is set up. Remember to develop your skills  blogging and develop into a blogger, I highly recommend signing up for the Blogger to Professional™ online coaching waiting list here .Remove these 5 things from your sidebar immediately For understanding technology | 0 Comments | Tibia Continent Have you ever excitedly added a lot of different gadgets and add-ons to the sidebar? There might be various social media buttons, images, product recommendations, links, statistics, most popular posts, latest comments, ads… duh, there was already a list. But… Think about your reader for a moment.

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What if it was your first time on your blog? Do you find everything you need right away or do irrelevant things catch your eye? Does a first-time visitor to your blog want Student Mobile List to buy something from you? What if he wants to know which other blogger has given you an honorable mention or how many readers visit your blog every day? What exactly is the purpose of the sidebar? Well, reading this post will tell you: which 5 things from the sidebar should be removed immediately how you can replace the current sidebar widgets in a more natural way is the sidebar even necessary? Remove these 5 things from your sidebar immediately We are used to blogs having a sidebar. In the old days there were sidebars on both sides, then it was moved to the left side and nowadays it is on the right side. If the sidebar is still on the left side, I strongly recommend moving it to the right.

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