Drag Pressure is Constantly Changing

The effect is that more power is needed to continue pulling the line out of the spool.

When the spool diameter has been emptied by half, then the drag pressure has been doubled.

The 2kg drag tension during a full reel will be 4kg after half the line is fished.

In fact, when the fish continues to make a mad dash until there is only about ¼ of the line left in the reel, — then the drag pressure has quadrupled!

So, if we set the drag at 25% of the strength of the rope, then we have now reached the breaking point.

Second: Weak Rope After Tying
Second, the rope will be weakened through knots and knots.

For example FG bonds can only retain about 80% of the rope’s strength

And most ropes are also not rated accurately for strength.

Below I list the types of ties and how much rope Whatsapp Mobile Number List strength will be maintained through them:

rope strength
Source from Japanese Angler Secret
Third: Loss of Strength Due to the Environment
Third, ropes also lose strength from damage caused by UV rays, water absorption and minor cuts during use.

Fourth: Rod Bending Effect
The rod and reel work in one unit.

The action of the rod will affect the drag pressure as the line exits through the tip of the rod.

Rods that have a fast action will increase the pressure on us, then the drag pressure will be felt high.

A softer rod with a slow backbone bend will absorb the pressure all the way to the base of the rod, and spread it back to the fish.

The same drag setting on the same reel matched with a rod that has two different

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Actions will produce a big difference.

That’s why the bending effect of the rod needs to be taken into Student Mobile List account in the adjustment of the tension system.

How to Set Drag Correctly and Accurately
setting drag

To do this, we need a scale and an assistant.

Attach the reel to the rod, insert the line through all the rings and tie the line to the weighing device.
Then have your helper pull the weight, until the line comes off the reel and the rod bends.
Check the load recorded on the scale and adjust the drag setting until it is correct.

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