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Also, notice how hyper-simple its web Dominate the architecture is, to do this we go to DinoRANK > internal linked module and see the following: Internal linking distribution Everything starts from a simple home that contains links to the different posts. That’s it… there is nothing more, there is no complex web architecture. It is just a small website whose contents meet the search intention well and that makes money. Google (for now) likes it. Regarding Pagerank, there is not much to scratch, everything is linear from an on-page SEO point of view . Let’s very quickly see a general photograph of its status in terms of off-page SEO or link building.

Internal linking distribution Dominate the Everything starts from a simple

Those are the general metrics industry email list that Ahrefs sets for us. A total of 111 links from 31 different domains (there’s everything here… let’s zoom in a little more): I’ve dug a little deeper and added the following filter: “Ahrefs, show me only dofollow links” + “normal links” + “one link per domain” And we see that we have 17 manually created links, dofollow, towards the niche in question, some from Chilean media that can be accessed on the classic link buying and selling platforms. Come on, it has a low amount of link building but enough to rank, given the small number.

Towards the niche in question some from Chilean media

URLs and the nature of the SERPS for Student Mobile List which it competes. And now reader… With this information that I have given you… How much do you think this niche generates me per month? All of you who guess it in the comments will get a free WordPress template, designed for niches, as a gift . Specifically, it is Midas Theme , which at the time I had programmed at my whim for the niche websites that I worked on at the time. A Midas license has a value (real, we have sold many a long time ago) of almost 100 euros.

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