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On what the user viewed on our website, what products he added to the basket, what his last purchases looked like, etc.) the channel through which the user receives a message from us (it can be an e-mail, push message, pop-up or recommendation frames on the website) What data can be used for personalization? In order for the personalization of our activities to be effective, it is necessary first of all to identify our user, to obtain the right amount of data important from the point of view of our business.

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Personalization of communication can be based on declarative data – all information that the user completes in the form himself (. subscribing to the newsletter). In addition to e-mail, this may include data such as name, place of residence, age, occupationposition behavioral data – data collected by the marketing automation system based on tracking the activity of a given user on our website – based on what the user did or did not do on the Latest Mailing Database website (. data on subpages viewed, products added to the basket, etc.) . When we link this data with the user’s purchase history, we will be able to create marketing campaigns with a high degree of personalization. Personalization of communication – what are the benefits.

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Regardless of whether we conduct activities aimed at individual clients or cooperate with business clients, the personalization of marketing communication can bring us benefits both in the BB and BC area. Offers tailored to the customer’s needs not only increase the likelihood of conversion or response to them, but also constitute a brand differentiator, thus building the strength of the brand. From the customer’s perspective, personalized experience, letting Student Mobile List the user know that we know them well and want to respond to their needs in the best possible way. In addition, it increases the likelihood that our customers and recipients will feel important and relevant to a given brand, not as “one of many.

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