Broken Links Detector or How to Detect

To fix broken links, you must first locate them. If you have a website with various subpages, you should personally test it to verify the accessibility of the URLs to which the user is directed.

The situation becomes a bit more complicated when we manage a more advanced website or blog. In such a case, undertaking manual testing of broken links is a shot in the arm. This is due to a lot of unnecessary effort.

You have the Google Search Console tool at your fingertips to help you automate this process. By going to the “Index” tab and then “Status”, you will see errors and eliminated URLs from the indexing process.

Google algorithms in the face of dead links

By clicking to details, you will see a specific problem that Googlebots are struggling with, and by clicking to a Ws Data specific item, you will see specific URLs returning errors that appear due to dead links.

External programs such as Broken Link Checker and Sleuth are extremely helpful. Some browsers are equipped with specific plug-ins that allow you to verify a specific website for broken links. You can encounter this option when using FireFox (the mentioned plug-in is Link Evaluator).

Create reports and track changes. Once you find broken links, create a report in Excel to help you track the redirection process. If you use Google Analytics, you can directly export your data as a CSV or spreadsheet.

This May Not Be a Big Surprise to You but It is Worth

Thanks to this, you will be able to easily monitor any changes and seamlessly implement your Broken Link Building strategy.

Evaluate which links should be redirected. Before you decide to redirect Student Mobile List specific links, you should determine exactly why they are not working as they should.

The main reason is most often the low number of clicks on the links, which means that they should be modified.

Redirect links in your content management system (CMS). Redirecting broken links in the CMS will complete the Broken Link Building process. So, use this software and complete the entire procedure of repairing broken links.

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