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 Analyzes the market and competition. Plan, manage and monitor actions. Depending on the size of the project, Inbound Marketing analysts also come into play ; Marketing Assistant : more focus on operational tasks, such as preparing the mailing list to send emails, for example; Content Analyst : plans the Content Marketing strategy . Research the best keywords , define.

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The ideal subjects for each stage of the sales funnel , pass the demands on to the writers, review the content and monitor the results; Copywriter and Copywriter : are responsible for producing campaign texts. They ne to have good knowlge special data of grammar, SEO techniques, and, above all, know how to choose the right words to convince the person ; Designer : this is the guy who knows Photoshop and other graphic tools.

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 He is the one who creates the arts for publications, advertisements, websites and other channels. In other words, the entire visual part of the campaign is up to him; Traffic Manager : also known as Paid Mia Analyst , is responsible for executing and monitoring the metrics of paid ads on Google Ads, Meta Ads (Instagram and Facebook) among other platforms. And there are even more people! Like the people in Student Mobile List the planning and customer service areas and, of course, the managers in each sector.

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