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According to research conducted these indicators depend on the days of the month. Therefore, the opening rate of the first day is that of the fourth day. Also read 3 Steps to Creating an Effective Email Campaign Email marketing is a necessary part of your PR and marketing strategy. But how to make your emails stand out? How to make subscribers wait and read emails? I read more Choose a friendly sender name Subscribers must trust the sender’s name. It is best to use the company name or your own name to create the letter. Carefully Choose Subject Lines An interesting topic can motivate a person to open a letter. Try to arouse the user’s curiosity.

Load content at the beginning of the email

Ask tough questions or leave unfinished thoughts. Note that offers are time limited. Don’t forget about proper humor to make your writing feel casual. Emphasize Latest Mailing Database key points Increase email open rates This life hack allows the user to highlight the main points in the text since he is less likely to read the letter in its entirety. To create an accent use the following technique using bold typeface for some parts. Experiment with colors including contrasting colors. Add a list of structured information. Add a button with a call to action to grab attention. It is best not to highlight important information in large characters because users will not be able to see the whole picture of the letter at a glance.

The user may not finish the letter so it is important to grab his attention at the very beginning

Latest Mailing Database

Combat excess Don’t resort to capital letters, abuse of exclamation points to convey information. When writing in capital letters the user will feel like you Student Mobile List are yelling at him. Try not to use words that are subject to spam filters such as exclusive offer, cheap, free, discount, investment, credit, savings, win million, new, guaranteed, just, etc. Anyone will be happy to receive a free electronic copy of this book, download manual or instructions. If you present such a bonus you will definitely increase the click-through rate of your letters and successfully interact with your target audience.

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