How to Use My Discount Promotion Tool

Enter your promotion name and indicate the promotion period. Note that you need to set a timeframe of 24 hours from when you create your promotion. Once the time frame is set, you will not be able to extend it. However, you can still shorten it. 5 Tips To Increase Your Shopee Sales

Start adding the products you want your discount to apply to. 5 Tips To Increase Your Shopee SalesClick Confirm.

5 Tips To Increase Your Shopee Sales

Set discount percentage and purchase limit. You can indicate discounts individually. However, you can also update them in batch. Click Update all products to apply the discount to the product you selected. Click Done.

5 Tips To Increase Your Shopee Sales

Go to your online store and you will see that a discount has been applied to your product.

Beware of Misleading Discounts

Shopee has rules against misleading discounts. Misleading discount refers to a situation where a seller changes the original price of a product before a promotion to exaggerate the discount.

Shopee does not allow this because it creates a negative impression not only on the seller but also on the Shopee Latest Mailing Database platform once the buyer realizes that he has been scammed. As a result, shoppers will lose trust in Shopee and thus be reluctant to shop on the platform again.

Misleading discounts can lead to product bans on the part of sellers.

6. Understand the Shopee Sales Funnel
Prospective buyers go through a certain process before they make a buying decision. Shopee provides you with tools you can use to guide customers through each stage of the Shopee Sales Funnel. The Shopee Sales Funnel has 4 stages namely:

The awareness stage is when customers first encounter your brand or product. To bring customers to the awareness stage, you need the following:

The engagement stage, on the other hand, is what gets your customer interested in your brand or product. The following tools will help you drive customers in this part of the funnel:

Shopee Cashback Program

Latest Mailing Database

If you want to dive deep into the Shopee Sales Funnel, you can check out our post on the Shopee Sales Funnel – Explained .

While Shopee provides you with many free and paid promotional tools on its platform, Split Dragon has software and resources that can help you keep track of your numbers. Knowing how to use numbers to advance your online store has never been easier. Contact us today and see how we can help. The conversion stage is when the customer decides to complete the purchase. Shopee tools that help you convert customers are: The last stage of the Lazada Student Mobile List Sales Funnel is the most important – the retention stage. This is what decides whether your customer returns for a second purchase and becomes a loyal customer. Note that loyal customers are a stronger determinant of sales than first time buyers. Now, to get people into the retention stage, you need the following.

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